Adult Tours

We welcome adult groups to visit Beasley’s Orchard for a tour. Like the school field trips, we offer an apple tour, pumpkin tour, combination apple and pumpkin tour, or hayride.

In past years, many adult groups have enjoyed a hayride around the orchard with a tour guide explaining the operation. They then returned to the barn for a short tour of the processing area and a snack of some type. Free time in the retail market located in the barn is always a hit. Beasley’s Market includes many novelties in addition to the expected apple varieties and apple cider.

Pricing will depend on the options you want with your tour. A standard apple tour is $4, pumpkin is $5, and combination apple and pumpkin is $8. We can customize a tour just for your group. We can also customize the snack offered……….cookie, apple dumpling, caramel apple, apple cider, apple slushie……..are just some of the options.

We do have a minimum of 15 people per tour. If you have less than that, we will still be happy to have you come for a tour, with the understanding that you will pay the minimum amount. The minimum amount would be 15 X the price quoted per person.

Please contact Linda, our tour coordinator, at or 317-563-1487 and she will be happy to help you design and set up an experience at the orchard.