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We welcome your group to Beasley’s Orchard for a traditional Indiana fall adventure!

We will be happy to help you put together a fun and educational tour for your group. You may reach our tour coordinator, Linda, by calling 317-563-1487 or emailing

We require a minimum of 15 paid guests for each tour. Two staff members per class are free after the minimum has been met. All chaperones and tag along siblings pay to attend the tour. Infants up to age 24 months are free. Be sure to check out the additional activities that can be added to any tour.

Whether you choose an apple tour, pumpkin tour, or combination tour... you’re sure to have a memorable day!


Please take a few minutes to read this information before the day of your tour. Thanks!

  1. Updated count:  One week prior to your visit, the tour coordinator will contact you and request your updated count.  Please include students, adult chaperones, teachers, and tag along siblings.
  2. Encourage children to dress appropriately:  Being dressed to fit the weather conditions predicted for the day is vital to the group having an enjoyable visit.  Boots are suggested when going in the pumpkin patch if it has been a wet fall.  Jackets, hats, and gloves are needed on cold days when taking a hayride.
  3. Arrive on time: Several tours are scheduled each day.  If you are late, your tour will need to be modified in order not to inconvenience groups that have arrived on time.
  4. Parking: A tour guide will direct your bus and/or individual cars to the tour parking area.  The parking spaces next to the barn are for guests coming to shop in the barn market.
  5. Where to meet your tour guide: *This is new!  Please meet your tour guide at the concession building beside the Barnyard Bonanza activity zone.
  6. WATER: *This is new!  On hot days, guests need drinking water.  We do not have drinking fountains.  We have a water cooler inside the barn, but that is time consuming if giving everyone in the group a cup of water.  It might be a good idea to have guests bring their own filled water bottle to have at any time during their visit.  We’ve found this especially important on a hot day going out to the pumpkin patch.
  7. APPLE TOUR: *This is a change from 2017. Each child should bring a paper sack (like a lunch bag) with their name on the sack.  After picking their apple, the child will put it in their sack and hand it to an adult.  We have found it easiest if the teacher/adult brings a large tote bag and lets the children put their individual sacks in that tote.
  8. PUMPKIN TOUR: Please bring several permanent markers to write each child’s name on the bottom of the pumpkin that they pick.
  9. Food Allergies: A snack of a sugar cookie and a cup of Beasley’s fresh apple cider is served with the apple and pumpkin tour.  The cookies are baked in our kitchen where peanuts are used for the caramel apples.  If you are bringing a guest with food allergies, please bring an appropriate snack for them.
  10. Payment: We request that money be collected from all guests, including chaperones, prior to your arrival. Cash, checks, and credit are accepted.  A group payment will be collected at the end of the tour during snack time.
  11. Take home goodies: *This is new!  At the time payment is made, your tour guide will give you , the teacher/adult in charge, a Beasley’s Orchard fabric bag.  Inside the bag are coloring books and Beasley’s magnets.  Please take them back to your school/church/ home base………….and pass them out to the children.